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Ask Miss Behave

Dear Miss Behave:

I'm trying to make my wedding stand out and impress my friends, but I don't want to put myself in debt over this. My aunt offered to make the hors d'oeuvres as her gift to us. Normally we'd be thrilled, but she's a horrible cook. How do I get out of this one? Sincerely, With Standards

Dear Standards,

Honey, you and your main squeeze need to remember above all else, this wedding is about the two of you. Reconsider your priorities on this oh-so-important day if “wowing” your loved ones is a primary goal.
However, Miss Behave certainly understands your predicament. You are smart not to break the bank. There are ways to make your wedding day meal delicious and affordable.

Your aunt might have the right idea to opt for heavy hors d'oeuvres and cocktails instead of a traditional sit-down meal at the reception. I have been to far too many receptions where a lengthy buffet or four-course plated dinner has taken away from mingling and dancing. And let's face it, that chicken could be a hockey puck by the time the waiter gets to the last table. A variety of hors d'oeuvres allows your guests to make a plate (or two), grab a cocktail and either take a seat or work the room.

When it comes to adult beverages, present each guest with two drink tickets. That's more than enough liquid to lubricate this social experience. The rest of the night, it's up to them.

Oh, and wedding mints make Miss Behave's mouth water like a happy puppy, so stock up on those.
Thank your dear sweet aunt for her kind gesture, but let her know that you have already talked to a caterer. But you'd love to hear her ideas on which hors d'oeuvres you should choose. Buy that woman a gorgeous corsage and she will be over the moon.

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$540 is what the average bride spends for a traditional tiered wedding cake, which is the most popular dessert option.

13% of brides have interactive food stations, such as a sommelier with wine tastings, a sushi chef
or a cheesemonger.

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